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The Scandinavian School of Brewing in Copenhagen

History and Ownership

The Scandinavian School of Brewing (SSB) was founded in 1925 by the Danish Brewers' Association, the Norwegian Brewers' Association and the Swedish Brewers' Association jointly. In 1993 the Finnish Brewers’ Association became a co-owner.

The school is a private and independent institution located in Copenhagen close to the Carlsberg Brewery.
It is today owned by the four Nordic Brewers' Associations, which run it without state subsidies.
The Board of the Scandinavian School of Brewing consists of members from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The board members are appointed by the respective Brewers' Associations and thus reflect the ownership.
The Brewing School has a permanent academic staff (a director, a training manager and a secretary), and the real strength of the school is it's fortune to be able to draw on a further staff of more than 60 external lecturers who combine a theoretical knowledge of brewing science with the practical experience of a master brewer.
The teachers come from the Carlsberg Group, Royal Unibrew, other breweries, companies and institutions throughout Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe.
The original and main purpose of the school was to set up and implement the syllabus which leads to the Diploma for Master Brewer.
Over the years, however, a number of additional and related activities have been undertaken. These include a one week Brewing Course, Diploma Brewer (Diplombrygger, in danish only) and Professional Updates, which change themes according to demand. From 2010 SSB offers a new course: Executive in Beverage Industry Supply Chains. In addition, the school also teaches tailor-made courses for individual breweries, soft drinks plants and malting plants.

International: Origin of Students

Today the Scandinavian School of Brewing operates internationally, as it accepts qualified students from outside the Nordic countries.

685 Master Brewers have since 1925 attended and obtained their Diploma from the Scandinavian School of Brewing.
Beyond the Nordic countries, the students came from Canada, China, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malawi, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Paraguay, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.
More information: feel free to download the SSB Brochure

Cooperation with Faculty of Life Sciences at University of Copenhagen

As of November 2010 the Scandinavian School of Brewing (SSB) and Faculty of Life Sciences at University of Copenhagen (KU LIFE) has joined forces and launch a common Diploma Master Brewer Course.

Teaching for the Master Brewer Course is performed at the location of KU LIFE 2 km from SSB, and the lecturers arise partly from SSB, partly from KU LIFE. The teaching is designed to form the main part of the new 2–year KU LIFE Master degree specialisation in Brewing Science & Technology by following two courses: ‘’Brewing 1’’ and ‘’Brewing 2’’. KU LIFE students can enter this study programme, if they hold a Bachelor degree in Food Science & Technology or similar. Students wanting to become Master Brewer can still enter the courses through SSB.

In general the programme content is largely the same. However, the students will benefit from the academic settings at KU LIFE and SSB expect to a greater extent to attract students outside the brewing industry. Entry qualifications and requirements regarding internship are maintained, so the school’s basic principles to provide students with a high academic standard as well as a strong practical training continues.

Main building, Faculty of Life Sciences at University of Copenhagen

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